How to Add A New User to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a useful tool that can provide a wealth of information about a website and how it’s performing. While many sites just have one person managing their Analytics account, on occasion there may be a need to give multiple people access. Fortunately, Google Analytics allows you to add new users to an account so they can track, monitor, and (optionally) manage the account.

To add a new user to your Google Analytics account, first log-in to Google Analytics. This should take you to your Account Home page that lists all of the sites on the account.

Google Analytics Account Home


In the top right of your Account Home page, there should be an “Admin” button. Click on that to access your Account Administration page.

Account Home Admin

Once you’re on the Account Administration page, clicking on the name of the site you would like to give the user access to will bring up the account information for that site. Click the second tab which says “Users.”

Users Tab

Once you’re on the Users tab, click the “+ New User” button.

New User Button

This will bring you to the “Add User to Account” page. Fill in the email address for the user you would like to give access to. Note that this email must be registered in Google accounts (ie Then select whether you would like to give them User access (they can view, but not edit) or Administrator access (they have full access to all accounts.) If they will only be a User, select which profiles (if there is more than one) you would like to give that user access to.

Create User Page

When you’re done, hit “Create User” to complete the addition of the new user to your Google Analytics account.

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