How to Install Google AdSense on WordPress

Google AdSense is a great way to get your foot in the door when it comes to blog advertising. Today, we’ll go through a step-by-step guide to installing Google AdSense on your WordPress site.

1. Go to and click the “Sign up now” button. If you already have an AdSense account, simply login with your information.

Google AdSense

2. After submitting the website information and payment form, we should be ready to start making some ads!

3. The first page you’ll see is your dashboard, which will give you an overview of earnings and performance (clicks, page views, etc.) But of course to see how well an ad does, we have to create one first! To get started, click on “My Ads” in the top navigation. Then click on “New Ad Unit”. (Does your window look different? This tutorial is using the new AdSense interface (beta.) You can access this by clicking on the link in the top right-hand corner of the window.)

Google AdSense

4. The first step is to select a name, size, and ad type. The name will be what you use to identify the ad. The size should match your available ad space. There are three options for ad types: Text ads only, Image/Rich Media ads only, or both. In general, for larger ad spaces, I prefer Image/Rich Media ads only.

Google AdSense

5. Next, if you have selected text ads, we’ll select the color scheme for our ads. Note: The color palette only applies to text ads – not to image ads. The colors of the text ads default to Google’s palette, but I recommend that you customize the colors to match your website. If you are comfortable with HTML, you can visit your CSS file and grab some of the matching color codes. If not, then you can choose the color that matches the closest from Google’s color palette.

6. Custom channels are a way for you to group your ads together. It makes it easier for tracking performance of a certain ad/ad series. I suggest you create a new channel for your Google AdSense ad. Since this is a new ad, you probably won’t have any Ad units available when you create the channel (which is fine.) You can click on the “Targeting” box to make the custom channel available to advertisers for targeted placement.

Google AdSense

7. After your channel is created, select an option form “Backup ads.” I typically select “Show blank space.” If you have another website with ads currently running, you can choose to display ads from that website.

8. Finally, click “Save and get code.”

9. A pop-up window will appear with your Ad code. Copy the code in its entirety.

Google AdSense

9. Next, you’ll want to navigate to your WordPress admin panel. Most people have a widgetized sidebar, so go ahead and go to Appearance -> Widgets.

10. Create a new text item by dragging the “text” box into your widget. When it opens, simply copy and paste the Google AdSense code into the box. Hit save, and you’ve just installed Google AdSense to your blog!

NOTE: If you have a brand new site, it might take Google a few days to start showing relevant ads.

9 Comments to “How to Install Google AdSense on WordPress”

  1. andika says:

    Thanks for the tips, great blog, but how to install the adsense code in a content/post?thanks again


  2. andika says:

    Sorry for another question, how to install adsense code in a place we want such as at the top, middle or the bottom of the a content? thanks

    • Creative Patience says:

      To install above the content, you would post the code above the loop, which is typically before code. For example.


      if (have_posts)) : more code….

      For after the content, you’ll want to make sure it’s after the_content();

  3. If you’re trying to install AdSense within a WordPress post, you’ll need to modify the single.php file and insert the code after the loop. For example, after the code that shows your post meta, you can add:

    <div id="single-googlead">

  4. Xixicx says:

    very nice share! 🙂

  5. Ryan says:


    I have used the adsense plugin for years on my site and today I was making some minor updates as I always do. However the difference is I added a Japanese Character into the text of the adsense Block. Upon saving this wiped out all 5 of my adsense blocks within WordPress.

    Is there an easy way to find where these adsense blocks were stored in the Database or some text file within the wordpress installation?


  6. hi andika. if you want to put ads into your content or any where in your website. then instll wp-insert or advertisement-management.
    both plugin is very good and simple and very popular

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